Things You Should Know About Driverless Buses

Imagine driving in a bus from point A to point B without a driver. Are you shocked? Does that make you curious about where the world is going ahead or maybe is that really safe enough? Whatever may be your reaction or thought about this, the future of driverless buses is not far away.

Tech Giants

Let us dig about some of the improvements or the evolution of driverless buses in the industry. As you might all be aware, Google a tech giant have been experimenting this idea for quite some time now. And indeed they have found more success as per the information shared, with experimenting driverless cars across the nation. Some of the other companies who have been toying with this idea include Uber who have announced that they are soon going to unveil robotic drivers in place of humans. Mercedes has come up with Mercedes-Benz Future truck 2025 and Volvo has 2016 XC90 SUV. Bus body parts manufacturers are constantly looking to develop high technology vehicles.

Driverless buses in Las Vegas

There has been lot of inventions and research studies conducted in this area. Since, cars are thought with the ability to handle itself, researchers have gone the extra extent to think about driverless buses. The Las Vegas city can boast itself of operating driverless buses as a test for a couple of weeks on the streets of Fremont. The bus is named as Arma from a minibus manufacturer Navya based in France. The bus is fully electric and can carry a dozen passengers and drive at a speed of 16 miles per hour while the maximum speed of the bus is 30 miles per hour. The bus has been successfully tested in Las Vegas and Las Vegas stands to be proud of the fact that it is one of the first cities to be tested for driverless buses.

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How does it work?

What’s really interesting to know is how the driverless buses work. There has been a similar bus service in paris that can carry around 10 people and connect between two railways stations in the east of the city. The buses are fitted with cameras and sensors to be able to spot traffic around them. For emergency purpose the buses are fitted with stop button inside the bus where passengers can use them. The technology behind these driverless buses is simply cool and really amazes people. The leading bus manufacturers are behind this amazing technology to make it a reality.

Driverless Buses in Asia

Asia is ahead in the race of driverless automobile, China launched the first driverless bus in August 2015. The bus is equipped with cameras, sensors and a master controller along with a driver on the seat whose job is to simply overlook the bus. It was a great success, the bus rides well in complicated situations like manoeuvring lane changes and responding to traffic light changes without human assistance. This is a great step towards further improving the concept of driverless buses in the cities.

Benefits of Driverless Buses

The benefits of riding a driverless bus are many. There are lot of accidents caused because of slight negligence from the driver may be a fatigue due to long distance driving or difficult environmental situation. Sometimes drivers tend to drive too fast, these are some of the reasons for accidents happening in the road ways. Driverless buses can help a great deal in preventing accidents. Since they are controlled electronically through cameras and sensors the likelihood of a bus crash is remotely low. The risk of alcohol impaired driving is the highest factor of accidents happening in the United States.

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Self driving vehicles can help to prevent such accidents in the future. In terms of traffic, there is a good chance that the self driving buses or cars can reduce the high level of traffic on roads. Since they follow a fixed route, they are simpler to handle as compared to the complicated routes taken by taxis or cars. Lastly, since the driverless buses can carry more passengers it can benefit the environment through lesser emissions of smoke.

Disadvantages of Driverless Buses

The self driving vehicles are relatively a new technology and it is still not fully evolved to handle challenging situations. Buses are still not built to handle severe weather conditions like heavy rain or snow. Also, they are not sensitive to hand signals. So, if a cyclist riding on a road waves his hand to turn towards the left, the bus is not intelligent enough to make sense of physical movements. This stands to be a big challenge for top bus manufacturers.

When the self driving vehicles become mainstream public transportation, this could lead to millions of job losses for drivers. We have already witnessed how jobs have drained in the corporate and industrial sector with the introduction of robots. Another big problem that the high-tech buses face is the software bug that could pose problem to the operation of the bus. Since the bus operates on a network platform, there are high chances that if the vehicles are not secured enough it can lead to hacking according to experts in the field.

The big obstacle facing the self driving cars to become a reality is its inherent newness. Federal regulations have to be passed in order to successfully launch the self driving cars. Regulations cannot be established before they fully understand the safety of the self-driving cars. The self-driving cars will not be allowed to travel on the city streets until the federal regulations are passed.

There has been lot of activity in the realm of self-driving vehicles. Top bus manufacturers and tech firms are behind this and are working on self driving cars to become a reality. They have also influenced public infra structure to suit to the self driving conditions. Self-driving buses may not be too far behind in time to become a reality. It would be quite exciting to see the developments in the self-driving space in the coming days. Watch out this space to learn about updates on self-driving vehicles.

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