Day 13 — The Island of Kauai — 8/10

We started the day off as usual with too much breakfast. It’s really dangerous when there is no limit on the number of slices of bacon you can have. By the way the fresh pineapple is available for all meals and I’ve eaten my share! We were in port in the town of Nawiliwili. The story goes that years ago a little boy named Willie that was kind of a rascal lived along the shore here before there was a town and his grandmother was always having to get after Willie by saying “No Willie naw Willie” so that became the name of the town. After breakfast we boarded our excursion bus for another fun filled day of touring the Hawaiian Islands our 50th state and my 50th state. We have heard more than once about Hawaii becoming a state in 1959. I can remember that from school. I remember that Alaska and Hawaii became states fairly close together. Our first stop today was guess where? Another “vacuum cleaner” shop!! Imagine that. Well at least they sold Coke instead of Pepsi which is all they had on the ship. After our stop we headed up into the mountains to around 3,500 feet to visit Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is really beautiful even though it’s not as deep or long as the real Grand Canyon. This canyon is no slouch though as it is about ten miles long, a half mile deep, and a mile across. While we were there a guy in native costume gave us a great talk about the native customs and lives of the people that inhabited this island before discovery by Capt. James Cook. Since that is my name also I found out real quick that my name is either loved or hated depending on who on the island you talk to. I guess it’s kind of like being mayor!

The Grand Canyon of the Pacific
More of the canyon
Our native Hiawaiian in typical costume, notice the helicopter flying below us in the canyon

After we left the canyon we made our way down to the coast to a place called “Spouting Horn”. Spouting Horn is a small peninsula that juts out into the ocean. It has several lava tubes in it and when a wave comes in it shoots water right out of the top of the rock. It also makes a big swooshing noise as it works the water both in and out of the tube. Lunch was provided In an beautiful outdoor Hawaiian restaurant.

One of the blow holes
another blow hole
A sea turtle swimming in the bay

Our next stop was at a lookout to view Opaekaa Falls. They were pretty but it would have been better to be able to get up close and maybe even get under the falls.

Opaekaa Falls

Next it was on to the Wailua River for a ride up to a place called the “fern grotto”. This was a place carved out in the mountain by nature with a small waterfall coming over the top and ferns that grew upside down hanging from the walls and roof of this place. We were told that the ferns were over twenty feet long before the hurricane of 1992 which completely washed all the ferns away. The ferns we saw today have been growing since right after that hurricane and are only about 3–5 feet long. You can imagine how old those old ferns were that were destroyed.

Uncle “Willie” he was actually in the movie “Blue Hawaii” with Elvis when he was a youngster — He’s now 95 and still played and sang for us.

Then it was back to the ship for food, rest, and relaxation. We thank God for another safe and beautiful day here in Hawaii.

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