How Fitness, Health, and Wellness Are Interrelated

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Prime health is about so much more than just exercise and having a fit body. Fitness, health, and wellness are all directly related to one another. You can have a fit body and not be healthy. It’s important to take care of each aspect of your overall wellness.

What’s the Difference?

Right now, you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “I eat all of my vegetables and make healthy meals for my family every day — I’m definitely healthy” or maybe you’re thinking “I spend hours at the gym every week, I’m good to go”.

The truth is you can be fit and not be healthy. You can be healthy and not be fit. You can be fit and healthy but not have true wellness.

You need to work each of these things together — fitness, health, and overall wellness activities to truly be well. Wellness is the balance of physical health, nutritional health, and mental health. You could also intuitively add things like emotional health, social health, financial health, and environmental health to wellness if you truly wanted to.

The key here is that while fitness speaks to your physical health, and nutritional health is important because it takes much more than that to truly have wellness in your life.

Start with the Basics

Fitness is an important part of health. You should establish some form of workout routine. There are options for everyone. This is an essential self-care tool that you should not overlook. At Denver Health and Fitness Center, you can find a multitude of options and determine what will work for you.

This step is about fitness, but you can create new relationships and take some time for yourself, which can lead to other aspects of wellness as well. They even have childcare available so there are no further excuses!


No amount of hard work at the gym will negate a trashy diet. While it may help you maintain or even lose weight still, it won’t help your nutritional health. Nutritional health is important to keep everything on the inside of your skin healthy — from gut to heart, lungs, bones, and more.

True wellness needs a healthy body in this way too.

Mental & Emotional Wellness

Focus, just focus — is that something you have to remind yourself of regularly? What about anxiety, depression, low self-esteem or any other number of mental and emotional ailments. Even if you feel as though you are well in this area, you need to continue to boost that wellness.

Find a way to improve your mental and emotional wellness. Spend time with friends, relax with a massage or a good book, unwind regularly, take up yoga, spend time reading or listening to uplifting and encouraging material. Find what works for you, this one is personal.


If you haven’t quite caught on, it takes each of these aspects working in conjunction with one another to find wellness. Don’t be afraid to take care of yourself in whatever way is necessary. Take steps to create wellness for yourself. You deserve it!

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