Website protection with OPNsense

Installing OPNsense

OPNsense installation video (portuguese)

Plugin installation

os-nginx plugin installtion

Initial configuration

1. Upstream Server

click on add button
Upstream Server: Example configuration

2. Upstream

click on add button
Select the Upstream Server configured in the previous step

3. Download the NAXSI (WAF) rules

Click on Download button to fetch the NAXSI rules
You must accept the NAXSI repository licence to Download the rules
After download process, the rules will be shown

4. Location

Location Submenu
Click on add button

5. HTTP Server

Click on the add button
HTTP Server configured

6. OPNsense configuration adjusts

Change the Webgui HTTPS port and disable the HTTP Redirect rule (port 80)
Check Enable and click on Apply button
After applied the configuration, the service will become up and running


Julio Cesar Camargo (JCC)

Written by

Cyber security professional / open source and aviation enthusiast. CTO@Cloudfence —

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