Why I Like To Draw

When I hear the word “draw”, I don’t just hear a one syllable word with four letters. The word “draw” deserves more appreciation than that. Drawing has been apart of my life since I was two years old. Drawing is something best learned from practice. In any sporting event, there is a whistle or a buzzer of some sort to indicate the beginning of the game that excites you and prepares your mind for something so entertaining and beautiful. That is probably the closest I can come to for others to understand what I feel when I hear the word “draw”. A simple line is found in all drawings, practicing a straight line can help with precision and accuracy. From then, you can involve connections of lines to create shapes which can be geometric or irregular. The next part is light, medium, and dark. Know when to use which shade and don’t be affraid to experiment, there are no mistakes in art. The last part is the hardest, but the by far best part. This part is all in your emotions and your head. The emotions is to find the feeling of the drawing, and the meaning of what it is meant to show or represent. The best way for emotional display is color or no color at all. Your head is for the inspiration and idea, but most importantly your imagination. Not many people in the world have used their imagination as much as they could’ve which is really unfortunate. You don’t have to be Picasso to draw. The ability to draw whatever you want is such a privilege that we all have. Drawing is one of the most independent times that I feel that I can be myself or express my mind. It was more than just a subject at school, it was freedom. Thats what’s special about art, unlike history, math, science, philosophy or any other subjects, art seeks no answer. Historians look for the answer to the future, mathematicians look for the answer to equations, scientists look for the answer to how we can to be, philosophers look for the answer to the best possible life. What is the answer to drawing? Drawing has no answer, because you make your own answer. We say that magic isn’t real but I think it is. I see a drawing as magic created out of your hand, like having a magic pen inside of your palm. You may not feel the same way as I do toward drawing. Just know that without this word, “draw” there would only be a fraction of myself remaining.

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