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This tutorial will demonstrate how to build a hybrid Python/C++ package using setuptools, a Python build system, and CMake, a build system used in many C/C++ projects.

The GitHub repository that goes along with this tutorial can be found here. We will be creating a simple package that allows us to compute technical indicators typically used in automated stock trading platforms.

Before moving on you might be wondering: what is the purpose of building a hybrid Python/C++ package? What benefits does it offer over a regular Python package?

For starters, Python is an amazing programming language. Python is the de-facto language for computer vision, machine learning, and data science. Plus it is great for web development and rapid prototyping, among other tasks. However, for tasks that require heavy computation compiled programming languages like C++ are better suited. …

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This article is intended to highlight best practices to keep you and your data safe while browsing the web and using your internet-connected devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, Android).

Note: Throughout the article, I recommend several IT (Information Technology) services. I am not affiliated with any of these services whatsoever and do not get any financial gain if you choose to buy them.

I first want to differentiate privacy and security in the context of IT. Security “refers to how your personal information is protected,” whereas privacy “relates to any rights you have to control your personal information and how it’s used.”[1] For example, consider Facebook. To ensure that only you can write posts and accept friend requests from your account, you create a unique username and password; this is a security measure that prevents unauthorized access to your account. On the other hand, to ensure that only your Facebook friends can see your posts as opposed to the general public, you have to set the appropriate privacy settings. …


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