What would you do?

Weirdest story happened to me on Happn. I promise this is 100% real no fake.

So I match with this lady on Happn, right? She looks appealing, chubby but pretty and we start chatting a couple days until she finally ask for us to meet and whe happens to be actually in my town so I say yea why not but she doesn’t answer my messages so next day she messages me and we exchange numbers so now she’s on my whatsapp and whe messages me occasionally until a couple days later she starts calling me hun and suddenly she ask if I can lend her some money because bussiness is bad… and I say how much you need and she says like 1000 pesos (which is about 50usd) and I say like… mmm maybe later. And she says ok.

So I remained silent for a couple days until she comes back and says good day and stuff. Then we chat and make silly questions and regular stuff for two people getting to know each other. Until yesterday.

She asked me if we can see each other that night and I say yeah but around 10 ‘cuz I got stuff to do and she says ok but can I borrow some money, I really have nothing on me and I say, wait but when are you paying me and she says “I don’t know. But maybe you can just give it to me” and I say really? whats in it for me? Just the satisfaction of helping you? and she says what do you want and I say idk maybe a kiss or something or at least seeing you. Ok we see you and I give you a massage with happy ending. And I’m like whoa! Boy that scalated quickly and she goes like yea let’s see each other.

Eventually I became busy and being the moron I am I totally forgot about the girl but then I go out for some gas for my ride and she asks if we’re seeing each other and I say ok, and she says but am I borrowing money and I ask how much you need and she says like 1500 pesos (which is like 75usd) and I suddenly felt horny as hell and then I said well fuck it and I started thinking… what if this girl is actually a professional call girl who’s just starting or something, what if she’s not even the girl on the pics? WHAT THE FUCK SHOULD I DO?

So I did the obvious. Went back home and said “sorry, atm didn’t work. Maybe I can have your account # and tomorrow I’ll send some money so you’re not all broken” and she goes like “thanks! my number is 00000” and i go like ok! and actually I’ve been thinking all day about blocking her because really? so I didn’t because like I stated before I’m a moron.

And now she messages and ask if I’m lending her some money or what…

What would you do? Trust that she’s a honest human being going through some rough time and lend her some money or assume she’s a professional call girl? What would you do? Please help.

Obviously I wouldn’t give her money. But the moral of the story is:

Being horribly single and horribly horny is a horrible, horrible thing.


She goes under the name “Sandra” right now. But it seems like she’s been using “Penelope Aguilar” and also what seems to be her real name “Minerva Aguilar Maceda” for scamming. During our research we’ve found a couple profiles of her on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penelope.aguilar.129?fref=ts


Although she’s currently using 998 173 2677, she also uses 9982088589 as her phone number. And the information on that last number points to 77580 postal code, which is Puerto Morelos’ postal code.

Don’t let her scam you.