About a year ago, we started being a part of the digital transformation with the first ever cloud-based IDE for serverless development. It was no cakewalk — we’ve been burning the candle at both ends trying to cover the majority of AWS’s serverless stack. Working with AWS Kinesis made me realise the beauty of serverless — of course, the exposure to streaming data with Kafka spared me some time going through the rudiments.

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Did you ever wonder…

Are you dead in the water with your Serverless development?

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Serverless is a misnomer. A perception. It was not materialized until it became a household name, a few years ago. If you’d ask whether there are servers in serverless, the answer — unsurprisingly — is a BIG yes. Now, the million-dollar question — do you have to worry about them?


Back in the day, it was all just bare-metal servers, which were kept on-premises and managed by the organizations themselves. Then came the virtual machine, a piece of software that mimics the hardware-based servers. Cloud was the next big thing inspired by the distributed computing platforms. Containerization, a.k.a. OS-level…

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/D4g64YUacLA

Baby Steps

When LinkedIn started growing its member base, the site’s functionalities got complex by the day. In 2010, they decided to invest in redesigning the infrastructure to facilitate the blooming need of scaling their multiple data pipelines without much hassle. As a result, Kafka, a single, distributed pub-sub platform, was born to handle real-time data streams in each pipeline. In the very next year, Kafka went open-source under Apache and has been used in huge production scales ever since.

What is Apache Kafka?

Kafka is a fast, scalable, durable, fault-tolerant pub-sub messaging system. It’s written in Scala and Java, and uses Apache Zookeeper for reliable…

Chamath Kirinde

Former Associate Technical Lead @slappforge & @adroitlogic. Loves analytics & creativity; a seeker of the TRUTH…

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