Crowdfunding for profits

Investing in real estate is nothing new. In fact, it is historically one of the best wealth makers in existence.

What you might not know is that real estate investing is probably not an option for you, unless you happen to be an accredited investor. With the exception of investment vehicles like REITs (typically with high management fees) or actually purchasing an entire investment property like a second home to be used as a rental property, real estate investment opportunities have historically only been available to the wealthiest residents of Texas.

That’s right — if you’re not one of the few individuals with over $1 million in net worth (excluding primary residence) and an income of 200k per year, you don’t qualify.

Consider purchasing equity in Texas real estate through crowd funding

Want to purchase Texas real estate but can’t qualify for funding through traditional lenders?

Not interested in managing an actual property, but like the returns from investment properties?

As a non-accredited resident, Texas law permits you to participate in real estate investment opportunities via online crowdfunding. With as little as $500 and up to $5000 per investment you can begin to build and diversify a portfolio of real estate holdings. was created to democratize real estate investing and allow average residents of Texas to take part in real estate investment opportunities.

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