What Are You Talking About?!?


“From the time we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep, brands play a big part in our lives.” (Chatterjee, S., & Krystyanczuk, M., 2017) Social media brands has thrived as another form of communication throughout the world. The ability to share thoughts and content are limitless in the digital world. With many social media sites on the web, how does one decide which one they should use? How do social media sites get started? Advertising the name of the brand like any other product captures the interest for most users.

Capturing Attention in Social Media


Just like anything in life, a product that is successful creates value for users. The developer must understand what people are looking for in social media. Today, majority of people receive their news and daily feeds through social media. Users rely on social media more than reputable news networks such as Fox, CNN, and ABC. The attraction for the use of these sites needs to have “transparency, sincerity, and authenticity.” (Safko, L., 2012) Users also want to be able to communicate with others instead of the traditional two-way conversation. The combination represents an entertaining and real-time feedback from every day people. Allowing users to easily repost an event creates an attractive state, since the content they are talking about would be quick and relevant to someone that sees the post.

Maintaining Engagement in Social Media

For social media to be successful, the service must grasp the user’s engagement. The social media utility should focus on what media is being shared. For instance, Instagram is a social media utility to share photos while twitter is more of a form for communication for real time thoughts from a user. Engagement is a form a dialog, not just the act of doing something. The value each utility represents gives the ability when to engage and how, whether expectations were met or not. Few methods that maintain engagement involves serving a response towards questions, creating a positive or negative encounter, or an agreement on a topic of choice.


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