Acrylic paintings and drawings: my avocation, now that I’m really retired.

I designed and built theater sets for over a decade in Tucson, AZ. I have been painting for many years, but serious painting had to wait until I moved to Georgia. The top painting is the only theatrical paint job I’ve done since I moved here. It was completed in two weeks in April of 2014. It is actually a 10 foot by 24 foot back drop made of six 4 foot by 10 foot panels, done by painting three panels on one side, three on the other, facing each other. Once painted they were disassembled and reassembled on stage at our church for a musical production.

I was ably assisted by John Schlect, who took my design (from a famous photograph) and rendered it digitally, so each obvious plotted spot could be roughly drawn on the plywood, and the design recreated. Not long ago I used Pinterest to compare it to other photos, and Pinterest came up with many photos of the same spot.

The paint was standard flat interior wall paint, white and clear tint base, with pigments I specified donated by Home Depot’s paint department. I used a few ounces of pigment poured into eight clear water bottles, and mixed all of the colors you see on the painting as I used them. I learned this technique from Bill Galbreath, my long time mentor in Tucson, who passed away this last summer. I miss him very much.

The technique is not much different from that which I use to make much smaller acrylic paintings from photographs, as shown below the Broadway scene. I’d love to do another big one like this again, but the opportunity has not presented itself as yet. Be sure to let me know if you are interested!

Many of the images are available for sale, at least in giclee copy on canvas form. You can see more at: Fine Art America

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