Unit 14

Charismatic Authority is accepted through the leader’s personal qualities, according to the textbook. The followers with this type of power are inspired by the leader’s unusual sacrifices. On the other hand of Charismatic Authority you have Rational-Legal Authority. Rational-Legal Authority, as defined in our textbook is, power made by regulations, written rules, and laws (Openstax, p. 379). Donald Trump is nothing short but a great example of how someone with a character has to completely shift their way of being to fit the way our country functions through our constitution, which is how a country under Rational-Legal Authority functions.

The basis of Donald Trump’s Charismatic Authority lies in the ways he used his voice to get to his voters. He had a great range of unusual sayings that he stuck with throughout his campaign. For example, he played the card of understanding the common man and that he wasn’t just another politician hence, his nonexistent political background. He used Charismatic Authority to his advantage even more so when he told voters that he would guarantee a wall built between the United States and Mexico, which was something no other person with that type of authority has used.

I believe that the basis of Rational-Legal Authority are in the fact that he is now the president-elect. He won the election and is to take office in January. His Rational-Legal Authority will also rest in the ways that he will follow the constitution because our country is ultimately based off of it.

I think every candidate who runs for president has to use their Charismatic Authority to a certain extent, but when it came to Trump I believe we were experienced to a whole new level in this country. In my own opinion, I do believe his behavior/beliefs may change as a result to his transition from Charismatic Authority to Rational-Legal Authority because let’s be honest being a President compared to a businessman seems like a completely different line of work, something is bound to change.