Favorite Quotes

“Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere.”

“It’s about Δx, not the value of x.”

“Decompose daunting tasks into parts and/or steps to simplify and easen the work.”

“Everybody wants to be understood, yet nobody wants to be analyzed.”

“There is a fine line between fashion as self-expression and fashion as self-deception.”

“Be an existentialist towards yourself, but a determinist towards others.”

“I am a tryhard. But that’s how I win my games.”

“Amor fati. Love your fate.”

“Enjoy whatever the world might throw at you, whether it be a Carney essay, a Meyer quiz, or simply waking up and mucking every morning.”

“Cherish the moments at Thacher and in life, for surely they are too short.”

“My mother used to say, “피할 수 없으면 즐겨라.” If you didn’t catch that, it means, “If you can’t avoid it, enjoy it.” Especially freshmen, you guys are all at Thacher, it has already been 3 weeks of school, and there is no way going back. Let us love, enjoy, and cherish the time here.”

“In all seriousness, stop playing Dota 2. Know that you are addicted. Treat yourself wisely. Go catch up on work. Go work out. Socialize. Get a life. Get a girlfriend. Read the TIME and ponder upon the meaning of life. Finish reading 1Q84. It’s super interesting. Do anything but dulling your mind and playing Dota 2 mindlessly. That was your high school passion, now get over it. You are now an adult.”

“Discard the inessentials in your life to discover the essentials.”

“There simply isn’t enough time for hesitation.”

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