Errors in Thinking

Is your way of Thinking Wrong or Right?

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Many people like to think that they are always right. They like others to think the way they do because when everyone agrees, they feel more confident about their beliefs. However, the way they think may not be correct. Every day people fall into believing the false stories because of the errors in thinking. There are many kinds of errors in thinking and logical fallacies, but there are three that cause serious problems for people.

The first error in thinking that troubles many is that we prefer stories over statistics. Many people tend to believe stories over statistics because people find stories to be more interesting. For example, people listen to the stories about how Tarot cards can give them answers about their lives. Life cannot be guessed with a deck of cards and a stranger who claims to be a psychic that can predict the future. These cause people to believe the stories the Tarot readers tell them even if it is not proven that Tarot is real. Another example is people enjoy stories way too much, and they believe what the stories are saying instead of facts. Stories say that the Bermuda Triangle is real and it is responsible for the disappearances of many airplanes. However, statistics have shown that the disappearances can happen because of other reasons, and in other places not just in the Bermuda Triangle. One last example is alien abductions. People tell stories about how they were abducted by aliens in their sleep to be tested and experimented. There is no real evidence that they were experimented on. Statistics say that humans are not fully aware of what they see when they wake up. These are few examples of how people tend to ignore facts and statistics and focus on the stories.

Another error in thinking that is common and cause many problems for others is the argument from ignorance fallacy. One example is that people are so caught up with wanting to know what their future is going to be like, so they fall more easily into believing Tarot readers and the cards. They ignore the fact that it is not possible to predict everything that is going to happen in their lives. Also, another example is that scientist believes that GMOs are unhealthy for the human body and can cause cancerous tumors. These scientists experimented on rats and fed them GMOs. The results came in that the rats had tumors but the rats already had tumors before they were fed the GMOs. Scientists ignore the possibilities of other reasons why humans are getting sick because they want others to believe what they think is true. One last example is that a couple claimed that they had been controlled by aliens, missed a big chunk of time, and had no memory of what happened. There are most likely other reasons why they had missed a chunk of time; they could have simply lost track of time. Many people are too ignorant and do not want to consider other possibilities.

A final error in thinking that many people have a hard time with is that people underestimate the role of chance and coincidence. An example, after someone had their future read by Tarot cards, they began to question everything that is happening around them. The tarot reader told them that something was going to happen to them, which caused the person to spend time worrying about it. When something happens, the person automatically believes that it was caused by the tarot cards. This causes problems because people get their hopes up and they refuse to believe that it could just be a coincidence. Another example, a man was taking a shower and the window breaks.. He right away believed that it was caused by ghosts haunting him. It is not likely that ghosts can break a glass. The last example is a man found a book that he was currently reading left out on the street. This can be a coincidence because someone could be reading the same book and must have dropped it on accident. People underestimate the role of chance and coincidence. They get their hopes up and find themselves disappointed when they find out they were wrong.

In conclusion, people should care more about what they hear or say because what they believe might not be right. Others do not realize that their ways of thinking can cause problems by confusing others and making them believe something that is not true. It can blind others from solving real issues that could come up in the future.

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