What a way to end 2015…

I started out 2015 looking to race out of the gate like a horse on HGH.

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I didn’t anticipate in losing track of my original goals. I took a step back to re-focus on what will bring me through 2015 in a good way. I would like to share with you a list of five things that I lived by this year and onto the next.

  1. Be driven by purpose

Make it your obsession in your daily life, to find a purpose in life. Do something that is outside your everyday norm. Invest some time alone to learn a new trait. It will take time and at some point, you will know your direction.

2. Be transparent

Be transparent in and out of the workplace in your daily life. Create an environment around you that allows people to formulate an opinion only by speaking up. Transparency will allow for openness in trust and truth between two parties.

“There is no worse course in leadership than to hold out false hopes soon to be swept away.” — Winston Churchill

3. People Power!

Former SNL Alumni, Jon Lovitz said it best..“Get to know me!”.

Take time out to reconnect with friends and colleagues. Reach out and make new acquaintances (personally and professionally). It is continuingly more valued and rewarding in my life to understand how can I make the world better place around me. I spent the better part of this year speaking, advising people and companies to understand how I can help them versus them helping me.

4. Family

Don’t forget the hand that feeds you. Take time out to spend time with your parents and siblings. Make an attempt to not make this only a holiday event.

5. Live Life & have fun

At the end of the day, money is nothing when you are miserable in life.

No matter how busy you are, pause, reflect, and readjust yourself and your priorities to uproot the new year. Live life by doing what’s fun. Take that trip you always wanted to, execute on that idea you had for a startup, learn that new trait.

So, Hey Ho, let’s go! Have a prosperous, healthy, and wonderful 2016!

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