About that story that involve ghosts and shit…

TL;DR : It’s fake as fuck.
[ caveats : there are more videos but they share the same redeeming quality of all the below evidence : QUALITY FUCKING SUCKS ]

Long explanation.

This week, a series of videos have surfaced regarding a demonic (sic) attack on a house on the Chilean southern side. Some shit appears and jump, demons tip down furniture and shit.

Now, the video itself.


First, the video is a blatant attempt to inflate the channel views. Previously, the other videos have the combined amount of less than 10k views. This one? Around 200k.

Again with the video.

Well, in short. A guy is praying and the impromptu camera man is recording the event. Supposedly this house is haunted as fuck, and the other guy (from now on, let’s call him “Wimpy”) is performing another impromptu move. Maybe an exorcism, but I am sure as hell it is not.

Suddenly, one piece of furniture goes down while the camera man (let’s call him “Fast Hand”) yells “watch out!”. Boom. One down. Some broken shit. Then Wimpy opens a door praying the shit out of him (while scared), the door continues to open, recites some stuff that I cannot recall where it came from, Wimpy is scared as hell. suddenly, the image is covered by something, some more recording, then a pot cover jumps from the pot a couple of meters away.


Well, let’s dissect this.

I will avoid the praying part for religious respect. Well, actually is for some other reasons that I won’t cover now.

Yesterday and today, teh Internets has exploded in Chile regarding this video and a live stream involving local law enforcement (Carabineros), a house located in the intersection of Esperanza (Hope) and Fe (Faith) streets (how fucking convenient!) and a demonic posession of the house. Of course, the livestream is bugged as hell with shitloads of video artifacts. Video image quality is borked due to a bandwidth restricted live stream quality (read : internet upload speed is below 500kbps) and the movement of the cameras. Also, the video above.

An independent source has told me that there are more videos of this. I’ll apply the same method to all of them. So, let’s dissect the first video.

First, let’s make some calculations.

I’ve used this picture as reference.

It’s almost the angle in this shot:

At least, I can have measurements!

In pixels.

And after some crude calculations, the elevation with respect of the bottom of the mop is around 30 degrees.

Elevation of the recording is near 25-something degrees respect to the top of the mop. This will also give us the error correction. You’ll see later.

So, assuming the mop height is 128cms. Top of the closet is around 25 degrees with respect of the camera. The bottom of the closet is around 65–70 degrees with respect of the camera. After some mish mash, I’ll assume the height of the closet is between 150 and 170 centimeters. Like a mop and a half.

Well, a dead giveaway. The fridge. Mine is 165 cms height.

Remember the color, kids.

The closet could have been full of stuff. The depth of the closet is important. I’ll assume it is between 45 and 50 cms deep. That fridge looks a little puny, so let’s go online and see if we can find the same one…

For investigating purposes only…

…and found a similar one. Let’s hope it is.


Dimensions? Height, 165. Depth : 58. We’re in the money.

The weight of a fridge is 60 kilograms. Let’s put the same weight on the puny closet and let’s tip it!

Remember Newton, pulleys and levers? Well, let’s recap. It’s a level two lever.

So, as long as you’re away of the fulcrum, the least effort you’ll need to move the load. If we can do the same vertically…

Yes, with a decent amount of height (like mine, 1.76 mts) you can pick one side of the puny closet and tip it over. While doing that, Fast Hand need to grab the closet out of sight, film the floor, make some leverage using the right leg and push. At the same time yelling “watch out”. There’s a glimpse of a hand, but THE FUCKING QUALITY OF THE VIDEO.


Right hand from Fast Hand is briefly shown, as far as I can tell. But as the video quality is fucked up, cannot tell fo’ sho’. Also, starting from 0:14 you can see that the video gets into a sui generis angle and gets weirder when the closet is tipped…

…confirming Fast Hand got out of balance from right to the left while the closet is being tipped.

Now, the door opening and getting a full opening after Wimpy got his shit scared.

That’s easy. A door. Some wind. Or well oiled hinges. Or someone adding the dramatic effect. Next.

Oh, yeah, the pot cover.

Check Fast Hand getting into position.

See that shadow? That’s Fast Hand approaching the kitchen and possibly grabbing the pot lid. And eureka! At 1:28 a small camera shake and the lid is on the ground, meters away.

That’s a common sleight of hand.

So, what is this telling me? This shit has been purposely made. For shits and giggles. Fake as fuck.

For fuck’s sake, stop believing all shit coming from the internets. Of course, involving something that’s not even worth your (or my) time.

But, want to be a paranormal hunter and shit?



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