Remember the story about ghosts and shit? IT GOT REAL, YO


Remember the story that had ghosts, our intrepid heroes Wimpy and Fast Hand and the most corny poltergeist ever?

Well, it got out of hand!

“Someone opened the door of this house to the Devil”. I’m not even joking.

Are you not entertained?!

A. Fucking. Medium.

This started as a personal level trolling from a friend. He knows I cannot resist debunk shit like this. And while I was doing some research regarding a fridge and levers, got a little tipsy on beer…

…and that compels me to write the following.

Many non-physics initiated are not familiar with the laws of thermodynamics. Let me tell you something. If you can prove Einstein’s wrong, go ahead. You can find a theory or a complementary equation that resolves why light, with virtually no mass, gets distorted by the disturbance of gravity in certain circumstances. (Read : there’s already one, I’m fucking with you). But if you plan to prove the laws of thermodynamics wrong, you’re on your own, buddy. This same phrase, almost verbatim, was from an astrophysicist. A very famous one. He has a podcast. And he’s friend with Bill Nye.

Well, back to subject.

Thermodynamics explain the interactions between three distinguishable things in the universe that are very related and have some particular interactions. Those are energy, temperature and entropy.

The first law is similar to Lavoisier’s law regarding matter. Matter does not gets created or destroyed onto nothing or from nothing, it only transforms. Well, energy has the same treatment. You cannot create energy from nothing and cannot be destroyed.

Second law says that the entropy on a closed system (will get to this later) will increase over time.

Third law states that the entropy level of a system that goes gradually onto absolute zero on temperature gets near a constant value.

Now, the first law and ghosts.

Suppose there’s a ghost in your house. If you believe in that shit, you’re on your own. But for the sake of this explanation, let’s suppose a ghost is a castaway energy concentrated in something. Like a “possessed” thing. If we apply the first law, where did the energy come from?

And if this ghosts decides (which requires a form of conscient thought) to move some shit around your house. That means that energy has to be converted from potential elastic energy to kinetic energy (read : books being thrown away, pot lids being thrown away and shit), and possibly our ghost will use his stored energy to pull this stunt.

Read this : it’s fucking impossible.

First, the ghost should be an entity that can HOLD energy. Shitloads of it. That of course have the uncommon effect that those shitloads of some type of energy will transform onto another form of energy. Heat, light, radiation, near infrared shit, UBER infrared shit…and it could be perceived easily by a common instrument such as a cellphone or any webcam, at anytime, anywhere.

But as far as I know, there are no record of something like that ON TAPE that can be independently verified as “WE KNOW SHIT ABOUT THIS”.

And the transformation of that energy to other types of energy is the explanation of the second law. Two in one, byotch!

In better words,

If ghosts were formed of energy and not matter they would lose energy because of the second law of thermodynamics. It would, therefore, be impossible for them to maintain their structure and order for any significant period of time. If they were interacting with the world they would be moving themselves, or other objects, and perhaps emitting light or sound. Hence due to the First and second law they would fade out of existence. Haunted Houses are popularly conceived with, so-called, regular hauntings, but this is impossible since the ghost would lose energy and disappear from existence. The only way to make haunting possible would be for ghosts to draw energy from the environment in order to sustain their existence.

The third one is absolutely irrelevant for the ghost explanation. It is only valid when you’re super freezing some gas. But as I am slightly drunk, let’s say that if you could achieve the absolute zero (-273.something C) you can actually convert gas onto a sludge that is not even liquid. All electron activity will cease (!!!) and the interaction between gas molecules stop. You have created an ice cream out of gas. But it’s not solid nor liquid. Some complicated thing that I cannot fathom.

Then, ghosts.

They belong to the folklore. All cultures have a way to honor the dead and their impact on the living. Some cultures and religions believe in the Afterlife (whatever that means) but in one way or another, they believe in the presence of the spirit, soul or whatever that is, as an eternal element that cannot be destroyed.

And that makes me thing about the fragility of the man.

As the poster in Mulder’s office (TEH X FIELS), “I want to believe”. And that’s it. We want to believe that there is something beyond our own understanding. That death is not the end of life but the beginning of a new process, or that our actions can be measured if we’ve been naughty or nice, kinda Santa scale, but with more devastating consequences.

Our human nature is fucking flawed. As fuck. We cannot see infrared light and our field of vision is marginal compared to some feline predators. Felines can see during the night due to the tapetum, a thin layer of reflective tissue that help bounce some IR radiation to slow it down and convert it to visible light. How cool is that! And snakes! Snakes can perceive infrared radiation and movement with the same glands located under their eyes. Add the fact that the smell sense is located in the tongue and not in the nose. Our canine companions can smell 3 parts PER FUCKING MILLION of a particular scent and they can distinguish over nine thousand of them. How fucking awesome is that! But we, humans?

Just some facts. For human, the image projected in the eye is inverted, top is bottom. But there’s no specific element in the brain that composes the right image. Also, if you look down with your eyes, you can barely see your nose. And there’s a part of your brain that’s doing some REAL TIME PHOTOSHOP that deletes and recreates the image without the nose!

We can be tricked. A slight of hand and a wow later, you’ll feel dumb. That’s “magic”. It can be explained. But the real mystery of it resides on the trickery! On ways people can be fooled, one way or the other.

We can be fooled. Optical illusions? Got you.

This. Does this make me look fat?

Our brains look for patterns, but on the image above, they try to search for the correct one, discard it, then get to the new one, then discard it…a gazillion times per minute. And it makes me uncomfortable as hell.

And at the end, we want answers. There are mysteries on the universe that are absolutely ready to be explained. But they cannot have the Occam Razor’s treatment. We absolutely need to have some critical thinking and dispose all previous knowledge about a phenomenon and start thinking with a clean slate, have some ready tools and perform experimental research. Well, some things are born out of luck (read: story of post-it from 3M) but not many of them, as the conception took some research and experimentation.

And, for fuck’s sake, don’t take anything for granted. Like a poltergeist video! It’s absolutely possible to fake them. Hell, I am actually on the middle of making one video exposing that! (Will tell later the results, but having some Raspies and relays laying around, who knows…?)

Critical thinking, people. Please, use it.

Oh, wait.

Fucking journalists.

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