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This site is the textbook definition of “fake news.” First, there is more ice cap in Antarctica now than anytime since they’ve been checking… and that’s just 1979.

Second… at first glance at that map above, you would think it’s 54 degrees up on the top of our planet with all that dark red painted on that image. The temps in Resolute, CA (way up there) are 24 degrees below zero.

But the part that I really laughed at was the technically true but statistically insignificant statement about how when glaciers separate and move out to sea it effects water levels. Yes, if a large chunk of ice breaks off and falls into the ocean… an ocean that is 132 million square miles, that water level rises… perhaps a millimeter or less.

You could literally melt every bit of above water ice and it wouldn’t move the ocean levels more than a couple of inches… if that.

As Americans and the world community continue to discover the ways climate alarmists are manipulating data (or in some cases completely ignoring data), this will close down sites like this.