Snail Mail Service: Bond (

It’s often slow and under appreciated but old fashioned physical mail can be quite a delight. After all someone took the time to write a letter to you. That’s kinda special if you ask me. There’s a service called Bond who according to their website aims to make communication a bit more personal between companies and their customers. They aim to do this by allowing them to write postcards to their intended recipients however anyone can send a card to someone. I try to keep an eye out for promising companies who offer letter writing services because of my mercurial nature with letter writing. You see I like variety in my writing supplies which is problematic when you have a budget and a desire to avoid being buried in writing implements. Small affordable packs of stationary are simply near impossible to find in types you like. A letter writing service offers you the service offers you the choice of variety at the slight increased cost of an individual letter.

Bond in my experience offers an affordable, prompt, and stylish means of sending postcards. And while done via a web interface you still must take the time to compose your thoughts and get them out to send. This in my opinion is still a nice gesture and convenient at that. So far I have been a very pleased customer and I hope that Bond continues to deliver on quality while expanding their selection. If you feel patient and daring give them a try.