Ask Gov. Rauner to Support the Clean Power Plan

Please do me a favor: take 30 seconds to call Governor Rauner and ask him to protect the climate. It’s important. Here’s why:

Good news: Illinois can take historic steps forward on climate change and cut power plant emissions 33% by 2030 by implementing the new EPA carbon rules.

Bad news: like with the Affordable Care Act, states have to implement the rules. So our political system could screw it up, for example, opening a bunch of new natural gas power plants that burn fracked gas.

Good news, again: Governor Rauner might sign off on a plan by the Democratic legislature that would grow renewable energy and improve energy efficiency, but he needs to know that there’s political support behind the plan or he won’t do it.

I’m working with the Sierra Club to organize people around the state to call him this week to show we care about this issue. If a state like Illinois can’t do a good job on these rules, we’re screwed.

I promised I would get six people to call today. Will you be one of them?

It’s really simple:

How to Call Gov. Rauner

Dial 217–782–0244

The person who answers will listen politely and write down your comments. They won’t grill you or argue with you.

Script (feel free to improvise): Hi. My name’s _______, and I live in Chicago. I’m calling to ask Gov. Rauner to support the EPA’s Clean Power Plan that will limit dangerous carbon pollution from power plants and to prioritize clean, renewable energy development and energy efficiency here in Illinois. Through renewable energy and energy efficiency we can create new jobs, improve public health, and help stabilize our climate.

That’s it! This is the biggest opportunity to help stop climate change in most of our lifetimes, and you’re helping to make it happen.



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