One skill that can make you productive in any situations.


Every time we make something in our field or any areas of our life we need to decide what will be the next or we can make this all things in one drop by multitasking it. Being multitasking have a negative effect in our performance especially in our studies or work. Multitasking can kill our body, emotional, psychological and mental health.

According to, Multitasking increase chronic stress, depression and social anxiety. So its harmful to a person to multitask for their work and those negative effects have a long term adverse in our growth as a person. What is the good thing that we can do to be more productive and still fresh our mind and body ?

“ The successful person is the average man with a laser like focus” -Bruce Lee

Focus is the skill that most successful people always tell about when it comes making on their fortune. Being focus can make you productive on the things that you’ve wanted to do. Single tasking is so important especially for making each other’s dream and ambitions in their lives.

You can produce a higher quality on your work without distractions. You can be less stress and not burnout on the important things. You can be a healthy person and you can achieve the things quickly with good results.

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