The one thing that can stop Trump
Tobias Stone

Trump ignites the same murderous impulses which resulted in Hitler’s gas chambers and the barbarism of the likes of Ilse Koch whose sadism extended to the flaying of human flesh for souvenirs from Buchenwald and Majdanic victims. Trump doesn’t like political correctness, he and some of his cronies should contemplate the political correctness of those outcomes.

You can’t ignore or sanitize this history. Trump and the Republican party are unleashing these impulses, actively advocating or passively endorsing theses politics. I suppose it’s too outrageous just yet to refer to their politics as ‘gas chamber politics’ and their party as the ‘gas chamber party’. But the moniker may well apply and stick especially to his more rabid followers and enablers like Roger Stone who is purported to have suggested a violent insurrection if Trump loses. It may also come to apply and stick to all his fellow travelers starting with senior Republican politicians.

To the dismay of friends and family, I was initially inclined to listen to what Trump had to say and perhaps vote for him. But his behavior in the last several months has ended that. I’ll vote for Hilary by default but she had best address the needs of Trump’s following with something other than platitudes and wonk or down the road the impulses Trump has ignited may indeed explode.

Meanwhile, as you say, it’s not too late.

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