Live streaming apps have become the most popular type of application in the App Stores. Big companies, like Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter, have, at least, one app offering this kind of service. For example: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, and Periscope. All of those have a common companion feature: Livestream Chat.

Livestream Chat is a crucial feature to improve the user’s engagement on your app. It allows your users to interact with others in real-time. In this article, I am going to show you how easy it could be to have Livestream Chat in your app in less than 20 minutes.

The result will look similar to…

We all know that Android development has been very coupled to its framework. That is because we need the Context or the Activity to perform several actions. On the last years Android developers have tried to decouple from the framework when using Clean Architecture.

Whenever we use Clean Architecture, we try to wrap every dependency of our project. This way we can replace them easily if we don’t want to depend on them anymore.

For example, when using MVP in our app, we don’t want the navigation between view to be done in the View layer. The problem is navigation can’t be done by the Presenter layer because a presenter should be pure Java/Kotlin and navigation depends on the Android Framework. …

Hace apenas unos días Parse anunciaba que iban a cerrar su plataforma que permitía a los desarrolladores crear servidores sin necesidad de tener un servidor propio. Ésto es una mala noticia para todos los que tenemos alguna aplicación alojada en sus servidores. La buena noticia es que han dado un periodo de 12 meses para que que podamos encontrar una nueva solución y están liberando el liberando el código fuente de sus servidor para que podamos montar nuestro propio servidor compatible con los servicios que nos ofrecía Parse. Han escrito una guía de migración en la que indican cómo exportar los datos de Parse a MongoDB, y ejecutar Parse Server sobre Node.js …

Recently Parse announced they’re shutting down their mobile backend as a service. If you’ve built an app on top of Parse, this is probably bad news. The good news is that they’re giving developers 12 months to find a new solution, and they’re providing a path to running your own Parse-compatible service. There’s a great migration guide that covers exporting Parse data to MongoDB, and running a Parse server built on Node.js and express.

This guide is going to cover how to install all dependencies that we need to run Parse Server on own server. We are going to use DigitalOcean to host our server, if you don’t have an account you can get one here and obtain $10 for free…

Jc Miñarro

Senior Android Engineer at @FutureWorkshops. Formerly @JobAndTalentEng and @FeverEng. @CarteleraApp creator:

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