Act by daddy’s opinion, since so baby

Respect others especially older people

(At family gathering)

“Shake his/her hand, Nak.”

Every time he meet someone older, he always give respect and shake his/her hand even kiss their hand. I am so daddy’s copycat. That’s how he build me this: always respect older people by shake or kiss their hand. And he is still asking me, “Have you shook his/her hand?” and repeat until now.

Get used to giving and answering salaam

(Visiting family)

“Say salaam before you enter a house or a place or meet someone”

Wherever I go or as long as people I meet is Muslim, I’ll say salaam and reminding others to do the same thing. And as I know, say salaam is sunnah and answering salaam is a must.

Dress well and covered up

(On the street)

“Look at the lady at motorcycle. She dressed sexy and so minimalist, she is wearing her little sister clothe, isn’t she?”

He smiled, I laughed. Since that time, I dress well and cover up my body whenever I am outta home. I wear oversized clothes and do not have tight clothes because I don’t want my dad say the same thing twice and I cannot imagine if I am the lady at motorcycle. But I swear by God, he never pushed me to cover up anything.

Do good look yet effortless

(Watching Hollywood)

“Look at those people. If they (foreigners) are going to meet others, they wear pajamas and effortless stuff and don’t care anything. When our people is going to meet human, they take a full care of their look from head to toe, perfection. But poor and dirty look when they are going to pray to God”

I was so shy and started to do good look yet effortless. I don’t want to impress people because of my good look, instead I dress well and clean up when I am going to pray and talk to my creator.

Share anything you have

(At home)

“Go pick and pack your old clothes so someone else can wear it”.

I cleaned up my closet, packed unused clothes and give it to those who need it. Guess what? My closet, my house and my heart is getting clean and free from unused stuff. Everybody is happy!

Keep praying

(At home)

“Alit, let’s pray, Nak! Switch off TV, turn off the sound, take wudu.” or “Have you pray Ashar, Nak?”

(Farewell at the airport)

“Be careful! Don’t forget to read Quran, Nak”

As you please, dad. Wherever I go, I always remember your advice, our converse and do what you want without any force.