How “I quit!” at first day of work be like

I knew a girl almost two weeks ago since we shared boarding house where I live in right now. We say hi, share foods and hangout together. Today is her first day of work and I was so excited about her story. When she get home, I asked her first day of work to begin our convo,

“Hey, how’s your first day of work?”

“So tired!”

“Why didn’t you take a break?”

“Well, I did, but I feel so tired. Can I have your water?”

“Sure. Just take it.”

“My legs are swollen (she wore high heels and keep standing since 9 am — 5 pm) and my partner at work said that I need to wear full makeup to coverage the redness on my face. My face is being irritated and they don’t get it tho. I told my boss, I quit.”

“So, have you resigned —I mean at your first day of work?” I asked her the same question twice, because I cannot believe this dramatic story is really happened.

Legs and healthy skin as part of your body are your assets. They are better than money, right? This is kind of Generation Y I know.

I know, I know. Fight for you legs.