NavSeries 19 . cf proposal

Its the beginning of 2019 & a start to the new year for NavCoin. Since its inception in 2014, Nav has gone through continuous development, re-branding & the renewing of its vision along with the steps necessary to achieve what it aspires to be. It is the presence of this ever-changing dynamic that I would like to propose the writing of a series of articles, seeking to provide a comprehensive overview, review & critic of NavCoin. This article series will discuss the strengths & potential of NavCoin in regards to the whole crypto-space while understanding its limitations by identifying & providing alternative views & areas for improvement.

NavSeries 19 is a proposal for a 3 article series covering topics relevant to Nav’s protocol, development & community. The preliminary titles of the 3 articles are as follows:

NavSeries 01 . NavCoin . A Case for Proof of Stake(PoS) Cryptocurrencies
NavSeries 02 . NavCoin . Democracy, Ownership & Development: The Epitome of Governance in Cryptocurrencies
NavSeries 03 . NavCoin . Privacy, Adoption & Usability:

As a pilot project, the proposal is projected for a period of 6 months (2 months for each article - research, writing & editing). Each article will be supported by original graphic illustrations/infographics eg. diagrams summarising the proof of stake mechanism/community fund.


Voting Period: End Jan - Mid Feb
Projected Publishing Dates:
NavSeries 01: Mid Apr
NavSeries 02: Mid Jun
NavSeries 03: Mid Aug (to be confirmed)*

The timeline may shift slightly according to the time necessary to do up the articles. Buffer time have been factored in to produce an article that I would be satisfied with publishing. Do note for NavSeries 03, I do hope to be able to publish it after the new privacy system takes effect, thus, the timing of the article will vary accordingly.

Proposed Renumeration:

1990 Nav x 3 articles . Total 5970 Nav

Requests will be placed up for voting 1 - 2 days after the publishing of each article.


*Proposal will be up for voting at 2pm (GMT).

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