In this blog we will explore how a Consul implementation benefits users and network teams in the very common cloud networking architecture paradigm hub and spoke. It’s very common to hear teams across IT and the broader organization blame the network for outages or why they can’t deploy as fast as desired. HashiCorp Consul and even more so the recently released managed offering in Azure cloud, can drastically improve the way services and users connect across a multitude of runtimes and multi-cloud environments.

HashiCorp Consul Service on Azure

From the HashiCorp Blog announcing the general availability of the Hashicorp Consul Service on Azure:

“In July 2020 Hashicorp announced that HashiCorp Consul Service (HCS) on Azure is now generally available. HCS on Azure enables a team to provision HashiCorp-managed Consul clusters directly through the Microsoft Azure portal. HCS on Azure clusters are preconfigured for production workloads, enabling a team to easily leverage Consul to secure the application networks within their Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) or VM-based environments while offloading the operations to HashiCorp. …

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