Montana, 2035

I believe I will revert to my childhood dream of a small horse ranch in Montana. Mornings will involve hot coffee, nighttimes will involve reading and writing in the library. I will wear a leather duster, and weather-worn wrinkles will develop around my eyes.

I may not sail the seven seas, but I will be able to name their coasts with ease, and tell a thousand stories of a thousand ships by heart. I will tell my children of foreign lands I have never seen, I will show them ancient bore-guns and battle-axes from battles I never fought.

When I am old and bearded, my children’s children will forget that I have never seen those lands or fought in those battles. The various tales I gleaned from reading will have become so intertwined and interweaved that they will in themselves become entirely new, and entirely mine, and through the children's rapt attention and widened eyes, I will live them all.

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