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Instagram, the home of food pictures, makeovers, dreamy adventures and pets. It’s a platform to share your story with the world, gain inspiration and see what your friends are up to. Well it is in a positive world!

Unfortunately Instagram can have a darker side, tapping into users insecurities, creating anxiety and acting as a facade to hide a reality of depression and deep issues.

Instagram is trying to negate any detrimental impact it has on wellness and return the emphasis of its platform to sharing great content. How is it planning to do this? By hiding likes. The concept…

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In the world of content strategy, we are strong advocates for a consumer focussed approach, in fact it’s pretty much the foundation of what we do.

Too many times I have looked at a brands content and found it to be self serving, congratulating themselves for work well done and creating public facing content that is of no interest to their external audience. …

Outdoor brands lead the way — James Cornford

The days of cold product focused marketing are dead, this (I hope) should not be a new insight. A lot of markets have reached a level of maturity where unless there is true innovation at work, it is no longer the product that acts as the point of differentiation. In today’s society the ethos and ethics of a company can mean as much as the products and services they provide, making brand perception vital in reaching and engaging the modern discerning consumer.

In an era where consumers are more informed and connected than ever before, they are buying into a…

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In 1996 Bill Gates coined the phrase “content is king.” He could foresee the true purpose of the Internet and the role that brands would play as educators and entertainers of the public.

Like many thoughts to leave the brain of the Microsoft founder, it took a while for the rest of the world to catch up. We moved into an age of instant gratification, with all of the information we needed at our fingertips.

Customer expectations and demands changed. We no longer needed to wait, so why would we choose to? …

Our New Year’s resolution for 2018 is to stop defining marketing in terms of “traditional” and “digital.” Whether you’re a brand, an agency or one of our trusted partners, we think it should be yours, too.

To put things in perspective, 2017 was the first year that digital ad spending (41%) outpaced TV spend (35%) globally and the gap is expected to widen in the coming years.

For Millennials, Gen Y and all that follow, defining offline practices such as print and TV as established conventions of marketing (A.K.A. “traditional”) is a bit like referring to horses as “traditional transport.”

Re-defining “traditional” channels.

I am not a morning person, jumping out of bed full of vim and vigor is not something that happens to me at 6AM. I am like a slow moving train, I will reach full speed, but it takes some building up to and a lot of tea.

Despite my dislike of the emerging hours of the working day, I can normally force myself out of the door a few minutes early, in order to ride to work, rather than being stuck in the car.

How early and what route I choose, is very much dependent on how…

Working hard at CrossFit.

The dad bod is real, it slowly starts to make its appearance in your 30’s and to be quite honest, it is a bugger to avoid. Some really don’t care, they embrace their more comfortable and lived in look, but that just doesn’t work for me.

I work really hard to look… well to be honest, quite average! When I was younger I could eat what ever I wanted and would barely ever put weight on. On the occasions that I would gain unwanted pounds, such as Christmas time, a weeks worth of glutony would be overcome the following week…

For many men the wrong side of 30, hair has a mind of its own, it does not follow a clear and logical path, it has at some point decided it wants a change. This should not have come as a complete surprise, it has happened once before in our early teenage years, when suddenly your chin and upper lip became valuable real estate that had previously been left barren. …

There are a few times when the world’s of F1 and professional cycling collide, wind tunnels, special paint and Alonso’s ongoing interest, but that’s normally where it stops. The last two weeks however saw similar incidents, but vastly different outcomes!

After a racing incident with Mark Cavendish, Peter Sagan was deemed by the commisaires to have performed a “dangerous move in the sprint finish”, the result, disqualification from the Tour de France.

Just over a week earlier there was another clash of wheels, when Sebastian Vettel deliberatley turned in on Lewis Hamilton during a safety card period, the result, a…

After years of competing at a high level for (in the loosest definition of the term) “a normal person” and crashing like a pro, I found myself in a position where my mind was willing, but my body was not!

When I tell a none cyclist about my injuries they give me a look that implies I must be; a. really bad at cycling, and/or b. very very clumsy. When I clarify that in fact I’ve had a lot less injuries than many other riders, I feel I may have tainted the whole cycling fraternity in their minds.

Obviously pros…

James Cornford

Cyclist, Strategist, Marketer & Journalist, fueled by tea! Writes about bikes, exploring & life’s adventures! Englishman living in USA.

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