The Long and Arduous Fight Against the Dad Bod!

James Cornford
Dec 1, 2017 · 3 min read
Working hard at CrossFit.

The dad bod is real, it slowly starts to make its appearance in your 30’s and to be quite honest, it is a bugger to avoid. Some really don’t care, they embrace their more comfortable and lived in look, but that just doesn’t work for me.

I work really hard to look… well to be honest, quite average! When I was younger I could eat what ever I wanted and would barely ever put weight on. On the occasions that I would gain unwanted pounds, such as Christmas time, a weeks worth of glutony would be overcome the following week, simply by returning to my normal routine. Now I try to be careful what I eat (but we are all naughty from time to time) and I exercise a lot, more than most people in my office, and more than I have in the past, yet my wash board stomach of rippling abs has yet to materialize.

We are all naughty sometimes!

Many think that poor body image is something that is reserved for women, and that men are too macho to worry about what other people think they look like. Well, quite frankly that is not true, I have suffered with poor body image for as long as I can remember, never enough to do anything drastic, but always enough to never be happy with what I’ve got. As you get older, it gets worse, it takes so much hard work just to stand still, you have less free time, your motabolism hates you and your waistline has an overwhelming desire to expand.

Competition motivates me.

I often joke about being bikini ready, with summer always just around the corner, but under those thinly guised jokes, hides my growing insecurities about how I look. Gone are the days of wandering around shirtless because it’s warm, now I will choose to be hot and clothed, getting sweaty, rather than baring all for the world to see and staying cooler.

Yes I want a six pack, but it’s for me, it’s not for vanity and external validation on how great I look, it’s so that I can look at myself and have no doubt. It’s currently 34 years in the making, but hopefully those currently well padded and safely protected abs will show up soon.

James Cornford

Cyclist, Strategist, Marketer & Journalist, fueled by tea! Writes about bikes, exploring & life’s adventures! Englishman living in USA.

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