The Emergence of #WorkTech & My Presentation @ Unleash

Jason Corsello
Oct 19, 2018 · 2 min read

Next week, I have the pleasure of presenting at the Unleash World Conference in Amsterdam. I’ve attended the event every year since Marc and Peter started it 7 years ago and it remains one of my favorite events of the year.

In addition to participating in the Startup Zone as a panelist and judge, Marc has daringly given me the main stage to discuss Work Trends 2019 (if you are at the event, stop by the Main Stage at 2:30 on Wednesday). My presentation is focused on rethinking “HR Tech”. Forget the “its all about the employee experience” mumbo-jumbo! “Digital Transformation”…excuse me while I throw-up.

The best companies in the world are using HR as a competitive differentiator. They are thinking about it and talking about it differently. Unfortunately, though, most companies are still struggling to define “the future of work” and what it mean to them. HR needs to be accountable for productivity (why do we still default to IT for the tools we use?) HR needs to take a vested interest in the wellness of all employees (wellness goes way beyond healthcare!). HR needs to take an active role in self-directed progression, whether that’s focused on money, advancement or skills. HR needs to truly own diversity (its not just a number!) HR needs to communicate the purpose of the organization beyond making products and serving shareholders. What I am suggesting is that we are beyond “HR Tech”. We should really be talking about WorkTech and the convergence of productivity, performance, progression, prosperity and purpose. We need to demand a more employee-centric approach of work — WorkTech!

If you are at the event, please stop by my presentation or the Startup Zone. I’ll post my presentation of the event on Wednesday.

Jason Corsello

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advisor, investor, storyteller, recovering operator, former strategy guy @CornerstoneInc.

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