3 Reasons a Pro-Life, White Guy Joined the Women’s March
John Osburn

  1. That’s not any pro-life view I’ve heard; I’ve only heard those arguments as pro-choice.
  2. Perhaps Roman abortion and abortion today are vastly different. Maybe opposition in Rome would have been greater if the problem was greater. Consider slavery then and now. Would you argue that slavery shouldn’t be illegal now, just unpopular and rare, since Jesus and the disciples didn’t dwell on it? Or was Roman slavery different than slavery more recently in the Americas?
  3. Yes, the church should do more but it should not do less. Passing laws to make murder illegal is a good thing. Before Jesus came in the flesh He was speaking consistently against murder from Genesis 4 on. So, yes, defend the poor, the widow, the oppressed, the foreigner, and have dominion over the earth. The Bible tells us to do those things. But it also tells us to be extremely careful of who we associate with (Ephesians 5:7–14)
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