10. Hong Kong Stopover

My short and sweet visit home ended with a waterfront dinner with my parents and a day of packing and last minute errands in Seattle. The sky captured the drama, excitement and anxiety I was feeling.

Tacoma, sometimes I really like you.
Goodbye Seattle!

My first stop was Hong Kong for a weekend.

Unlike most of my recent long distance flights, this one was during the day. The flight was not fun and my jet lag was the worst — it lasted the whole weekend. Back to overnight flights for me.

Even though I struggled to keep normal sleeping and waking hours, Hong Kong was wonderful. Carson flew in from Bangkok and we spent two days wandering and eating and meeting up with a few friends/colleagues.

Hong Kong is shiny. There is a light show every night — that we repeatedly missed.

I love a city where you can jump from a bustling street to open space and hiking trails. I was determined to go swimming, so we hiked Dragon’s back to a small beach.

It was perfect.

Great food + great transit + great street life + multicultural/international communities + water + mountains + green + parks + surrounding wild spaces and rural areas = love.

Hong Kong, I have added you to my list of cities I would happily call home (at least for awhile) . . . (given a Hong Kong sized salary)

The weekend ended with a flight to a very different city — Beijing. I will be in Beijing for much of the fall with some excursions trips to Yunnan, Thailand and Nepal.