10 Signs You’re a Racist
Phillip T Stephens

There is something else I would like to point out. You said this:

“PPS: Pointing out undesirable behavior isn’t racist either. I have no problem criticizing murderers, terrorists, thieves and…”

I use the word because it is offensive, not because it is racist. If someone is just acting offensively, they’re just an asshole. If someone is truly offensive to the core of who they are as a person, and that person happens to also be black, I don’t think there is anything racist (or even morally wrong) for calling that person a nigger.

Aside from obvious cultural and skin color differences, there really isn’t a difference between white people, black people, and other minorities. That being said, what’s wrong with calling a convicted murderer, terrorist, or thief who happens to be black a nigger? Who happens to be Mexican a spic?

Murderers, terrorists, thieves, and other convicted criminals are the scum of our society. Calling people who are scum derogatory names and ostracizing them from society is a human tradition. Frankly, murderers, terrorists, thieves and other criminals deserve and earn the labels that society gives them.

What’s wrong with using the most offensive, derogatory label you can think of to describe a murderer? “Nigger” is the most offensive word that someone can use to call a black person, and one that a murderer has earned for themselves. The race/skin color of a murderer isn’t relevant, but if they happen to be black, they deserve to be called that. Murderers have no place in society.

I don’t care what race someone is or what color their skin is. If someone is a decent human being, they’re just a person. However, if someone in my community is convicted of murder, rape, child abuse, etc. with overwhelming evidence, I don’t really consider their humanity anymore. I don’t really care what negative things happen to them at that point.

If that (former) person also happens to be black, frankly, they’re a nigger. If someone (black) rapes their stepdaughter repeatedly from the ages of 7 to 12 before they’re caught and convicted (real-world example), they DESERVE to be called the worst names people can think of, the most offensive ones are best, and the most offensive ones are often tied to racism.

If someone can’t stomach the idea of calling a black person who repeatedly raped and ruined the life of a little girl a nigger, I can respect that. At the same time though I just wish someone could see why that isn’t necessarily racist. A racist would say he raped her because he is black. I say he is a nigger only for the fact that he committed the rapes in the first place. Had they never occurred, he would just be another person among billions.

This has nothing to do with actual racism though, this is about calling out the subhumans among our society and labeling them for what they are, pieces of shit. There are more offensive and effective names to use than “piece of shit” though, that’s what I am getting at.

I’m not defending myself with this though, I don’t really care if what I am saying makes you or others think that I am a racist. All I am saying is that I personally don’t believe that it is never justified to call a black person a nigger. If that makes me a racist that is perfectly okay with me. I don’t know how someone could honestly see that though.

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. I am not bigoted, don’t discriminate against, or antagonize people of other races, or for reasons that have anything to do with their race. I don’t think the fact that I am white makes me superior to anyone. One being white does not play into their standing in society. Only one’s actions can do that.

I do believe that I am superior to murderers, rapists, terrorists, thieves, etc., and I do discriminate against convicted criminals. Because of that, I make fun of them and barely even consider them human anymore. If one of the people in this group are black, I damn sure will call them a nigger, because I don’t know of anything more offensive to use. It is the level of offensiveness that the word holds that makes it appealing, and a word that I reserve for the scum of society. Not a blanket word to be used against someone because of how they look, but how they act.

Is that racist? It’s up to whomever decides to read this comment. I don’t think so, but I also don’t personally care either way. I believe that there are non-racist reasons to use racial slurs with or without context. If that makes someone label me as a racist, I will own up to that. Maybe it just makes me an asshole? I don’t know. It’s a deeply held personal belief, and I’m not going to get worked up over what someone thinks about it. Deep down I know that opinion will never change and that there is no reason to hide from it.

Whether I am or am not racist because of the way I use these words, I don’t know. Whatever the truth may be, I do not deny it.