Life Without Netflix

Close your eyes and imagine life without Netflix. Just the thought of it sends a pure sense of horror into my mind. It would truly be a nightmare not to have the convenience of Netflix as a digital product for my escape. So exactly how has Netflix designed their product to be something I consider indispensable?

Here are 6 specific product characteristics of Netflix that makes life better.

Redesigned Home Entertainment

If you think about it…Netflix has completely revolutionized the way we as a society interact with entertainment. Ultimately it offers instant gratification toward movies and tv shows both old and new. It’s a product devoted entirely to user control. No longer do we settle for what is on rather we dictate what we want to watch- when, where, and even how. If that’s not a definition for power then I am not sure what is?

Updates, Updates, Updates

Let’s face it people, we do not like the thought of running out of options. With that said Netflix is constantly adding new programs to watch. It’s practically impossible to feel limited in your options. One day you can binge watch the newest Netflix exclusive and the next day be catching up on a recent new release movie. The selection keeps growing and we stay happy.

Here, There, Anywhere

Although I mentioned it above it deserves its own bolded section. I am referring to the ability to watch Netflix across multiple device options (i.e. Smart TVs, desktops, laptops, tablets, and cell phones). This is true accessibility-regardless of my location I can be entertained by Netflix. That’s right boredom beware, Netflix is here to save the day!

A Tool for Parents

However, Netflix is so much more than just an instant steaming service for movies and television. As a parent, Netflix provides a direct channel to escape from the on-going issue of toddler boredom. Now I am not saying I park my two and three year olds in front of the tv 24–7 365 but I will say I have used it as a coping mechanism to keep my boys entertained and assist my sanity, especially on long car rides. Now before you go pointing fingers and declaring “poor parenting skills” I am confident there are plenty of others out there that have followed in suit.

The Interface Speaks my Language

Now let’s take a minute and talk about the Netflix user interface. Obviously, a product can not be deemed great without being useful, usable, and desirable. Netflix communicates all three and then some. Aside from all the great uses mentioned above Netflix is easy to use. With categorized selections, advanced search options, and recommendations not only do I find what I want with ease but also get guided toward movies and tv shows based on previous selections. Wait, you are telling me the product provides practically an endless supply of entertainment, understands my viewing habits, and does the searching on my behalf? Now that’s speaking my language!

Saves Money

As I mentioned I am the parent of two growing boys so needless to say money is an important factor in our lives. With that said I am sure most can relate that we are always seeking out ways to save. Once again Netflix emerges victorious having an answer to the on-going burden of debt. That’s right because of Netflix, I as well as many others have cut their cords with cable and satellite options. Although Netflix charges a monthly subscription fee, it’s hands down more valuable than the outrageous costs of cable.

In conclusion, Netflix has positioned its digital product as a life changer. It capitalizes on convenience and ensures that viewers are kept satisfied. So again what makes it so great…it’s the ability to solve problems for users, consistency in delivering a lasting impression/experience, and truly providing viewer value. With this combination Netflix has become the notable brand that I can not imagine living life without.