Cold Calling: 4 Ways to Handle Rejection

In real estate, it’s called lead generation. In public relations, it’s a method of pitching. However you look at it, cold calling is pretty much agreed upon as being one of the lesser fun aspects of any given career. But it does arguably yield some pretty big results, which is why stepping outside of your comfort zone and accepting the fact that you’re going to get hung up on and told unflattering things is challenging.

That’s why I pulled together a list of tips to keep your head in the game if cold calling is something you’re thinking about taking on to generate new business. After all, people build businesses based on just simply picking up the phone:

1 – Know your worth
Before you start the smile-and-dial process, take a step back and build up some confidence. Look at your experience. Look at what you’ve accomplished. If you’re new to the industry, look at your passion and look at your goals and where you want to be. If dialing a bunch of numbers might get you a $4.5-million listing, are the people who said “no” really going to matter? If calling a bunch of journalists gets you one big placement in The New York Times, are you really going to care about the journalists who said “no”?

2 – Keep your eyes on the big picture
To be completely frank, your first phone calls are probably going to be incredibly awkward. I mean, the worst. But don’t lose focus. Find ways to be prepared and craft a general script to go off of but not be tied to. It’s so easy to feel like you’re in the wrong for giving someone a call they’re not expecting, but try to think of it more like you’re offering them an opportunity. Whether they choose to accept or deny it is up to them.

3 – Learn how to overcome the objections
With cold calling, there are a couple different versions of “no.” There are the ones who simply hang up, the ones who tell you to “f — off” and then the ones who give you reasons for not being able to take on your service, also known as objections. Learning how to overcome those objections is key because those are the people who are possibly considering your opportunity. There are many resources out there to help you. In real estate, for example, Tom Ferry is an incredible aid. Click here to learn his take on the “Top 10 Objections And The Scripts To Overcome Them.”

4 – Let every “no” push you toward a “yes”
Think of cold calling as if it were a new show you’re going to try out on Netflix. Go with me here for a sec. There are the shows that you just automatically get right into, but then there are the shows that you have to watch a few episodes before really getting into. That’s what cold calling is like. Give it a few tries and then you’ll find your groove. Give it a few tries and you’ll find your “yes.”

My hope is anyone willing to take on the scary thought of cold calling doesn’t give up after their first attempt. What are some other industries that use cold calling? What are your tips for cold calling?

And, of course, for my shameless self-promotion: If you or someone you know needs the help of a real estate professional, let me know! I’d love to meet them and share my knowledge.

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