Pixura: Hello World

John Crain
Jan 4, 2018 · 2 min read

Today I’d like to announce a project that’s quietly been in the works for the past couple months, Pixura.io.

Our goal with Pixura is to give people a fun and easy way to access to the Ethereum ecosystem in a manner that shifts the focus from price speculation and hype to utility and true data ownership.

To achieve this we’re building a creative content marketplace with a seamless onboarding experience and giving creators access to open and transparent creative licensing.

Decentralized Visual Content Marketplace

Pixura is a visual content marketplace that allows creators and influencers to easily monetize their Instagram feeds by issuing Ethereum tokens that represent the creator’s approval for someone to purchase that content. This allows artists to participate in the growing Ethereum economy while bringing transparency to the opaque process of selling and licensing digital content.

Seamless Onboarding

While cryptocurrency and blockchain platforms have, up until now, been hard to use for average non-technical consumers, Pixura will change that. Pixura provides a simple onboarding experience that does not require signing up for an exchange and waiting for your bank to verify your identity. Ethereum has created an open global economy and Pixura will be one of the easiest entry points to this new economy. Artists can simply upload content to the marketplace and begin monetizing their content immediately with the power of Ethereum.

Creative Licensing

One blockchain use case we’ve yet to really see take off is the ability to transparently license data. Pixura will allow creators to track their licensing and revenues in an open and exciting new way.

Get In Touch

The project is still in early beta stages but if you are an influencer or artist and currently monetize your Instagram content through other means, we’d like to offer you access to our Alpha and get your feedback. You can sign up for updates at http://pixura.io/. Finally give us a shout on twitter @pixura_io if you’d like to get involved!

John Crain

Written by

Founder @SuperRare_co @ConsenSys OG. Founding member @blockapps.

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