I Want to Quit My Job #1

I want to quit my job and start my own company. “Just do it” you say?

No I’m not worried about the risk. Having no income for a while. Worrying about failing. I mean I think about those things but that is not why I haven’t quit my job. I haven’t quit my job because I am trying to do business in Africa. And that takes time.

I am working with a leather manufacturer in Kenya and have been for about 18 months now. My business partner and I met when I was living in Uganda after I quit my job for the first time and moved there to take a job with a social enterprise. Like most social enterprises there were far more focused on the “social” than the “enterprise” and neither were working too well. Now I am trying to go out on my own. And that takes time.

Since returning to the US and taking back my corporate job I have made two trips to East Africa and am in constant communication with my business partner. At each step I have always felt a month or two away from being able to quit my job but the time just isn’t right. Patience is hard and it is doubly hard, no it is exponentially harder when you know exactly what you want to do and aren’t in a position to do it just yet.

My business partner and I are working to create quality leather goods that are price competitive with Asian goods. That is unheard of out of Africa and we will create hundreds of jobs directly and potentially thousands of jobs indirectly as we show the world that Africans can produce quality goods. Our ambition is high and execution will be everything but for now we must have patience and that is incredibly hard.