Does it Matter Hillary Was A Goldwater Girl?
Patty Jane

She’s a horrible person, but this is a poorly-written article that focuses too much on her husband’s record instead of her record (which is just as bad). To begin with, she is not the woman in the photo. The picture is from Sherman Oaks, California. At the time, Clinton was in high school in Illinois. By captioning it the way you have, it falsely makes it appear as if that woman is Clinton. 
Hillary Clinton was only 17 at the time Goldwater ran for president. She could not have voted for him, particularly as the voting age in 1964 was still 21. If you want a good picture of the two of them together, though there is a real one here:

In my opinion, that’s much more damning than a silly teenager in a cowboy hat who is clearly not Hillary Clinton.

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