How to Get a Free Couch
Anna Hezel

So the “free couch” thing is not accurate. I emailed the support address and got this response.

“ Thank you for reaching out to us. We are currently accepting returns for any Peggy Sofas purchased after July of 2014 that are defective. If your Peggy Sofa is defective, can you please send me your order details, along with photos documenting the defects? If you don’t have your purchase details handy, I should be able to locate them with the name and billing address from your order. Once we have the photos and have reviewed them, if your sectional is seen as defective, we will arrange to pick the sofa up and refund you the purchase price that you paid, with the method of payment that you used- so if it was purchased with gift cards, you would get gift cards back, if you used a credit card, we would refund the credit card. Please send me your order details and photos if you would like to begin the return process.”

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