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Freddie deBoer

Do you know what it sounds like to most people when you say “there’s no point in debating with those who oppress us”? It sounds like “I can’t win this argument so I’m not gonna try.” That’s what it sounds like. It doesn’t make you look noble. It makes you look weak.

No, it sounds like “I can’t win this argument, so I’m going to resort to violence.” You’re right that it doesn’t make them look noble — it makes them look like a threat.

And that is “why there’s been such an obsession with the utterly irrelevant violence at Berkeley in response to the utterly irrelevant Milo Y”: because it’s not just Milo: it’s Charles Murray, it’s Ben Shapiro , it’s the Avenue of Roses Parade — it’s an emerging pattern, and it’s very relevant indeed.

And that is also why you get the praise from conservatives which you find so funny. We’re going to support the part of the Left that wants to engage in political discourse, because the alternative is the “Ctrl Left” and Antifa and others who are doing everything they can to spark a civil war.

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