CS373 Summer 2019: Jay Seaholm

Week 7

Jay C Seaholm

What did you do this past week?

I worked on the project with my team, trying to branch out and learn a few new things before the end of the semester. I was in charge of documentation, so learning React and reading through our codebase was extremely helpful. Besides that, and my regular work schedule, I have been trying to get ahead of my fall classes by doing exercises and learning C.

What’s in your way?

This phase introduces a new library to learn, D3. I have read up a bit on it (one of the articles I read is my pick of the week), and the functionality it adds seems very useful. However, it’s just something else to figure out before our due date. Also, I would like to start preparing for the final test but I’m not entirely sure what will be covered yet.

What will you do next week?

I will be working on the project, preparing for the presentation, preparing for the test, and I may still do a few learning exercises to prepare for fall. So, in short, I will be preparing. I will dedicate the beginning of the week to the project so that later on I might have time to focus on the other tasks I have laid out for myself.

What was your experience of CATME’s second peer review?

Again, CATME was incredibly useful. Not only was the feedback a good gauge of how I am doing but having to rate my team members and myself also allowed me to better see my role in our group. Of course, I was also happy to see positive feedback from my team.

What was your experience in learning about relational algebra and SQL?

I was relieved by the way this topic was introduced: implementing parts of relational algebra in Python, then moving on to SQL. For me, this created a smooth transition in my mind from the procedural languages I’m familiar with to a query language that I don’t have much experience with.

What’s your pick-of-the-week or tip-of-the-week?

My pick of the week is an article I came across when reading up on D3. My team, like most others, is using React for our website. D3 is a library that doesn’t just work flawlessly with React. There are many solutions to this problem, and they are all detailed here: https://medium.com/turo-engineering/react-meets-d3-6a40881d0d73

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