Jason Stauffer
Jun 10 · 1 min read

Grass-fed animal proteins and vegetables have been shown to be a good diet for a lot of men seeking to increase their overall health including virility and fertility. Cold water immersion (icebaths) may also help with testosterone levels and overall health.

Soy and processed foods should be avoided, by everyone, but in this context high soy in the male diet has been linked to increased isoflavones which are structurally similar to estrogen and can have negative effects on the male sexual health.

And please, men, do exercise. Find heavy things and lift them. You don’t have to be Muscle Beach-Bound, but don’t be Al Bundy either.

    Jason Stauffer

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    Combat Veteran. Antifragile Researcher. Entrepreneur. Writer. Director of Research and Development for Morozko Forge. @MorozkoForge @Jcstauff

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