Memories of my Analog Childhood
Caroline Grace Stefko

Have you read Technopoly by Neil Postman? It’s a very prophetic book published in the early 90’s that I wish I had read and been able to understand back when it first came out. I highly recommend it if you haven’t read it already.

I think we very much are being irrevocably altered not just as a society but as a species in the wake of the digital revolution. I try to relatively unplug as well, I’ve deleted Facebook. But it’s impossible to go all the way back. We are the last generation who will remember what the world was like before the Internet, before smartphones, tablets and social media. Industrialized humans will for now and probably forever more have their brains developed in the glow of mobile device screens. That’s going to have effects on human neurology that we haven’t even begun to track and understand yet.

I’m reminded of the old 1995 dystopian sci-fi movie, Johnny Mnemonic, where a nervous system disorder called the Black Shakes was plaguing humans. The cause of the disease is revealed to be technology saturation. That movie might join Neil Postman’s book published about the same time as a warning we didn’t heed.

Thanks for writing!