We're Lucky Mark Zuckerberg Is in Charge
Alex Whitcomb

I have no moral judgments to lob at Mark Zuckerberg and have no idea what it’s like to head such a massive organization and yield that much money and power.

I quit Facebook, downloaded everything they were holding on me, trusted them when they said they would delete their copies of my information (no way of ever knowing if that’s true) and deleted it once and for all.

I did this mostly for personal reasons. I was addicted to the platform (as it was designed to do) and I quit it the same way I quit cigarettes 8 years ago. Cold Turkey.

It was ultimately easier than quitting nicotine, less withdrawal symptoms.

What fascinates me now is the tone people take when writing about Facebook, as if they are kept humans inescapably under the control, protection and guidance of Mark Zuckerberg.

Lines like:

“He has gone from his “move fast and break things” mentality, to breaking the Wall Street bank with how much he’s unwilling to give up our safety.

Phrases like this and others who write about Facebook from the perspective of perpetually daily active users have become strange to me.

To state, even supportively, that Mark Zuckerberg is unwilling to give up your safety is a tacit admission that you have given him responsibility for your safety.

You’ve also given him ownership of a shit-ton of your data and allowed him to create a complex consumer profile of you. Trust me. I looked in the folders I downloaded from his company. It’s all in there.

So while you are right that he’s just a 34 year old guy who’s in a position no human on earth has ever been in and people should take that into consideration when they decide how poorly or favorably to judge him, I can’t help but look back from the outside in and wonder why are so many people giving him this much power over their lives and putting him in this position to be in control of their safety?

After all, he’s just a 34 year old guy.