It’s an extremely vulnerable decision to make in a society where men are supposed to demonstrate a stoic self-mastery at every turn.
It Wouldn’t Kill You to Be a Little Nicer to Ben Affleck
Miles Klee

That’s about the central thesis of the situation right there, isn’t it? We live in a time when men are expected to be simultaneously vulnerable and infallible. Where a large section of digital society is campaigning to “fix” all the perceived toxic masculinity, so long as that doesn’t require them to show any sort of empathy towards any male individuals who may be struggling with life.

The message being sent is one of, “sit down, shut up, behave the way you’re told and for the love of god don’t be needy. We don’t have time or patience for your fucking feelings. Your problems are your problems and all we care about is making sure you don’t become anyone else’s problem but your own. Now let’s all get back to being gentle with Asia Argento.”

Easy to see why there’s problems in that approach.