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In 2016 I was commuting back and forth between Massachusetts and New Jersey and I was listening to a lot of podcasts. Over and over again I heard terrific stories that I wanted to share with my kids, stories that launched me on explorations of new topics and stories that made me want to build, experiment, and create. Back then I began imagining a short newsletter that would share one great podcast episode for parents and kids to listen to, paired with links to activities and articles for families to explore together. …

NewsMatch is built on years of creativity, experimentation and collaboration in philanthropy.

We are days away from the end of NewsMatch 2019, which promises to be the largest fundraising campaign ever, in support of nonprofit news (go donate now!). NewsMatch is a national campaign and matching grants program which, year-after-year, has proven to be a profoundly successful way to expand giving to local news and help newsrooms develop more sustainable connections to their community.

The success of NewsMatch is built on more than half a decade of learning and experimenting with innovative philanthropy that combines newsrooms, foundations and the public to strengthen media and democracy. …

On the verge of #GivingNewsDay NewsMatch is growing to meet the needs of local news and investigative journalism around the country.

Photo courtesy of Borderzine

NewsMatch 2019 launched one month ago with more newsrooms and journalists participating than ever before. The end-of-year campaign doubles donations to trusted nonprofit news organizations in nearly every state across America. Every year NewsMatch gets bigger, and every year it seems its mission to support and expand local news and investigative journalism is more urgent.

As we count down to the end of the year the momentum around NewsMatch is growing. This week we are announcing six new funders who have joined NewsMatch 2019. …

Last week I was added to a poetry chain letter and for the last seven days I’ve been getting poems sent in to my inbox from friends and strangers. Many used the occasion of the chain letter to find a poem, or quote, that spoke to the moment we are in — reflections on hope, challenge, and struggle. Others shared writing that reflected on creativity, community and the act of writing itself.

I should note, that I have never participated in a chain letter before, but for some reason I did this time. I’ve so enjoyed the sporadic versus delivered…

Raising awareness, capacity and dollars for local news at a time of crisis.

NewsMatch journalists in action: High Country News, Groundtruth Project, Texas Tribune, Public Source, CALMatters, Marshall Project

There are almost-weekly reminders about the struggles facing local news. Last week the entire staff of the New Orleans Times-Picayune were laid off when the paper was sold to a competing paper. When 14 staff were laid off at the Cleveland Plain Dealer in April, it fell to one of those laid-off staff to cover the story. Zooming out, these individual stories fit into a troubling trend: America has lost nearly half its newspaper staff between 2008 and 2017, and almost 1,800 newspapers have closed their doors since 2004.

In the face of these struggles, the annual NewsMatch campaign, now…

The NewsMatch panel at Knight Media Forum — Photo by Patrick Farrell

NewsMatch funders and partners recently gathered at the 2019 Knight Media Forum in Miami to connect with leaders in journalism, technology and philanthropy to explore ways to strengthen local news and our democracy. During the conference, NewsMatch hosted two breakout sessions focused on how its year-end giving campaign creates funder collaborations for nonprofit news.

The following recap of those sessions is based on slides developed by presenters and notes by Mary Grace Roske of the Seattle Foundation and Carol Goglia of the Communities Foundation of Texas. A special thanks to both for serving as scribes at the session. …

Clockwise from top left: The GroundTruth Project, Civil Beat, Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting, inewsource

The last month has been a difficult one for journalism in America. In a span of just two weeks roughly 2,000 journalists have lost their jobs or been offered buyouts. The nation’s six largest daily newspaper companies seem caught in a dangerous dance of consolidation and cost cutting. Even the Newseum, a museum dedicated to journalism, announced that it had to sell its landmark building down the street from the U.S. Capitol in January. …

When it comes to the biggest stories of 2018, from immigration to education, gun violence to campaign finance, nonprofit journalists around the country have been a driving force for good, revealing corruption and lifting up the stories of their communities.

Below are 29 remarkable examples from the Institute for Nonprofit News list of best stories from 2018 that show the power and importance of nonprofit reporting. You can donate to all these newsrooms at (if you give before the end of 2018 NewsMatch will double your donation.)

Shining a Spotlight on Family Separation

Katie Schoolov/KPBS

1) After ProPublica obtained a recording of children inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility who were recently separated from their families, they used the audio and related reporting to document the reality of the Trump administration’s family separation policy. Within 48 hours President Trump reversed his policy and soon after…

Around the country nonprofit newsrooms are making an difference in your community and NewsMatch is doubling donations to 155 of them.

On November 27 tens of thousands of charities working on issues ranging from healthcare to housing, education to the environment, civil rights to criminal justice, will take part in Giving Tuesday, a global day of giving. No matter what issue you care about you’ll be able to find and support nonprofits working to make a difference. And for every one of these issues there are also nonprofit news organizations whose reporting is helping to reveal injustice, seek accountability, and shine a spotlight on solutions.

We should support those who serve our country and the journalists who cover them.

Bianca Cruz, a Navy hospital corpsman, and a sexual assault victim who was pushed out of the military. Credit: C-HIT

(A version of this article was originally published in 2017 at

This Veterans Day, News Match — the largest-ever grassroots campaign to strengthen non-profit journalism across the United States — is shining a spotlight on journalists and newsrooms whose work has lifted up critical issues impacting veterans and their families. NewsMatch is doubling donations to these organizations, and more than 150 others, between now and the end of the year. You can support quality reporting on veterans issues by visiting

“Every Veterans Day, Americans come together to recognize the sacrifice and valor of our veterans throughout the country,”…

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Director, Public Square Program at the Democracy Fund. Journalism and democracy of, by and for the people. Formerly: @grdodge @freepress

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