43 Great Literary and Library Twitter Accounts

Josh Stearns
Nov 4, 2015 · 2 min read
Photo by Zhu, used via creative commons

When a friend of mine volunteered to manage the Twitter account for his local community library I asked my Twitter followers who were the best library, book and publishing Twitter accounts to follow. Here are their recommendations.

This list is in no way comprehensive nor is it sorted in any order. If you want an even bigger list, Matt Anderson recommends 200 librarians to follow over on his blog.

Who would you add?

NY Public Library — @nypl
KCMO Public Library — @KCLibrary
Multnomah County Library — @MultCoLib
Portsmouth Library — @portsmouthlibnh
Ferguson Library — @fergusonlibrary
NYPL Labs — @nypl_labs
UrbanaLibrarians — @UrbanaLibrarian
Skokie Library — @skokielibrary
Orkney Library — @OrkneyLibrary
Nonnie Augustine — @NonnieAugustine
Fake Library Stats — @FakeLibStats
Erik Kwakkel — @erik_kwakkel
Jessamyn West — @jessamyn
Orion Magazine — @Orion_Magazine
WeNeedDiverseBooks — @diversebooks
Joanne Harris — @Joannechocolat
William Gibson — @GreatDismal
Guardian Books — @GuardianBooks
Elif Batuman — @BananaKarenina
Open Culture — @openculture
DodgePoetryFestival — @DodgePoetryFest
Maria Popova — @brainpicker
New Pages — @newpages
Kenny Coble — @KennyCoble
Alexander Chee — @alexanderchee
Leigh Stein — @rhymeswithbee
Celeste Ng — @pronounced_ing
Aaron Bady — @zunguzungu
Saeed Jones — @theferocity
Catapult — @CatapultStory
Lauren Cerand — @luxlotus
Lincoln Michel — @TheLincoln
Roxane Gay — @rgay
Elisa Gabbert — @egabbert
Wendy C. Ortiz — @WendyCOrtiz
Alexander Chee — @alexanderchee
MinoritiesPublishing — @MinoritiesinPub
TeenLibrarianToolbox — @TLT16
Mensah Demary — @mensah4000
Colin Rhinesmith — @crhinesmith
Shannon Miller — @shannonmmiller
Cecily Walker — @skeskali
Alison Macrina — @flexlibris

Add yours!

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