Slack and other hacks: how my family stays in touch
Nicole Zhu

The Family That Slacks Together Stays Together

Stumbling on this post I was glad to see other people experimenting with Slack for family communication and coordination. My wife and I have been testing Slack this summer as we juggle endlessly changing summer camp schedules, vacation planning and the regular coordination that needs to happen with a family of four.

We have channels for keeping track of important dates (#calendar), planning trips (#vacation), meal planning (#eat), sharing articles (#toread) and more. In many ways Slack has become the digital equivelent of the crowded cork board and counter top where every scrap of paper in our house ends up. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because Slack is searchable.

This is especially handy when I travel for work and there are any number of things throughout the day we want to remember to talk about, share or return to later. If there is anyone who needs a second brain it is parents, and that’s what Slack has become for us.

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