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I’ve mostly looked at Youtube for comments such as a TED talk talking about standardized testing and I do see comments that are for standardized testing and also those comments that are against it. Though the majority are favored in that standardized testing is not beneficial and should be changed, there is a fair amount of people who are for standardized testing and would prefer it.

From the comments many good points were brought up such as “Stop making schools like jail, engage us with the real world instead of reciting from a 350 paged textbook about nothing! Teach us to think and I mean really think! ” and how standardized testing only tests you on how much you can memorize in a short amount of time and how these tests do not show your full potential. I agree that there are many aspects of the standardized test that do not show your full potential and how it fails to teach us about the real world. I think that we have put an overemphasis on testing that we have lost the real direction of what testing should be. The speaker from the TED talk mentions that “testing isn’t bad but the concept of what tests have become are bad”. I think that school should teach students more about what their future entitles rather than unnecessary information from textbooks. I am 100% sure that textbooks won’t be able to tell you how to live life.

I looked at another TED talk in which the content of the video speaks to how school makes students less intelligent. Reading through the comments, I realized that all the comments were very similar in that school was not a place where they learned and that school made people depressed. The comments were filled with personal stories talking about how they felt depressed from school and how their self-worth was diminished by the overwhelming pressure of trying to produce results. I am mostly unified with what the comments say and express. From what the comments say, there seems to be a lot of negative opinions towards the idea of standardized testing. Though I do agree with the points made, I am quite surprised that I couldn’t find at least one comment to support standardized tests. And also those comments that have no relevance to the topic still exist.

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